Fancy a photo op at the busiest spots on the planet? This fake Shibuya Scramble crossing could be your solution

The world is full of Instagram worthy spots but getting there and staying there long enough to get a good picture is another story and struggle altogether. Most of the famous landmarks are inundated with hoards of people who leave no pace for creativity. The Shibuya Crossing is one such attraction and the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing. It represents the towering neon lit Tokyo that travelers expect. At any given time one can expect as many as 1,000 people crossing its five walkways at the same time making an ideal Instagram post a difficulty beyond words. Making his a feasible reality is Ashikaga Scramble, a 71,042-square foot film set located 50 miles outside of Tokyo in Ashikaga. Ashikaga Scramble captures the iconic Shibuya Scramble intersection unimaginably well and also provides amenities like underground subway entrances, bathrooms, statues, buildings, street signs/lights, and even JR gates. All of this sounds great compared to the actual location where even a few stationary seconds seem like a feat. The set is cleverly designed and includes a flat area so that skyscrapers and environmental elements can be keyed in later.

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Those who take their Instagram life really seriously and make a living off these posts won’t mind the expenses that tag along the replica. Rates begin at $8000 for video work and $5000 for photography sessions. Are you already brimming with ideas of a cool post at one of the most awesome and bustling venues in the world?

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[Via: Boing Boing]

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