From playing on the see-saw to help you eat a large serving of food to taking a photo next to you so you look thinner on Instagram – This website lets you rent a fat person for $18 an hour in Japan

Via - Debucari

That’s it – I am moving to Japan. That is where the future lies. Future for people beyond, far beyond, a size zero. I will see you there. Baffled? Apparently, in Japan, you can now rent fat people for $18 an hour. No, not just for a commercial or branding purpose. You can rent a fat person to make you feel good about yourself and not worry about your weight.

Or, you can rent a fat person and use them as a trial to buy a surprise birthday gift for a fat friend of yours. Or, you could rent a fat person to sit in your living room and you sleep feeling safe in your bed. Or, you can rent a fat person and take him for a walk and show the neighbors that you are this cool, hip person who thinks ‘fatlivesmatter’. Or for anything else. It is up to your discretion.

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Via – Debucari

This is no joke, this brilliant, master-mind idea was thought up by Mr Bliss, founder of a plus-size brand named Qzilla (I can’t even!). He operates Debucari, where a list of profiles of ‘fat people’ are put up, and you can book them off per hour. The people on the website are plus-sized models that Mr. Bliss had recruited for his clothing brand. He started the talent agency in 2017 because he found a dearth of plus-sized models.

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Via – Debucari

Mr. Bliss says fat is not used in a derogatory manner and that it should be considered empowering and positive. Or perhaps in other words he means that we can stuff our face, grow unhealthy, burst our arteries, and get paid for all this. Apparently, such a service would run in Japan because the nation has very few fat people. Like that is a bad thing! It would come as a surprise if the service also starts to include sumo wrestlers just because!

Humans amaze me.


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