Feast yourself on the most expensive ham in the world

Some people are very conscious of what they eat. Then there are those who are all out foodies who enjoy an exotic and rare meal instead of looking into their pockets before spending. One such food is the Iberico ham. This ham is touted to be the most expensive of its kind in the world, and the price is justified by its processing efforts. The leg of Iberico ham weighs 7kg (15lb) and comes with its original DNA certificate for authenticity. As for the taste quotient of the ham, 50 pigs were reared in Extremadura, western Spain on a special acorns and roots diet. After the slaughter, the ham was marinated in salted and cured for three years. This $2935 ham leg piece comes packed in a hand-crafted wooden box which is wrapped in an apron made by a Spanish tailor.

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