Feeling lonesome? Try the $400 cuddling service that everyone on the East Coast is talking about

Though we all live social media savvy cyber lives, our real social lives seem to be neglected more often than not. And with loneliness and isolation becoming a common complaint in big cities, some business savvy companies are devising some interesting new ways of combating. We’ve already heard of Cat Cafés in America and Stuffed Animal cafes in Japan, we’ve even heard of youth in China taking Cabbages out for a stroll! Taking loneliness therapy to the next level is an East Coast based ‘touch therapy’ organization called The Snuggle Buddies. If you’ve ever known someone who just needs a tight hug at the end of a long day, you might want to refer them here; the professional snugglers over at Snuggle Buddies promise to sooth your stress away with cuddles and conversation. According the firm’s website the therapy offers a litany of benefits including decreased stress and increased relaxation, lessened depression, lessened anxiety and social anxiety, improved social skills, improved self-esteem, improved sleep and even lessened PTSD.

Though Snuggle Therapy is far from conventional, it seems to be catching on! Wondering what the cost of a good cuddle is? Expect to shell out anything from $60 an hour to $400 for a 10 hour overnight, happy hugs don’t come cheap people! Whether or not you’re up for spending $60 an hour for touch therapy, you’ve got to admit sometimes a good hug does make your problems seem further away. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!