A limited edition silver Prancing Horse sculpture for the ultimate Ferrari fan

If you’re looking to buy something precious this Christmas season that’ll adorn your home or office, you’re sure to love this limited edition Ferrari Prancing Horse sculpture, a legend in the automotive world. The Prancing Horse as a symbol dates back to 1923, the year in which Enzo Ferrari won his first trophy in Savio and met Countess Baracca, from whom he received an inscription and an invitation to use the Prancing Horse as a good luck charm on his own cars. Since then, it is widely recognized as the symbol of Maranello House throughout the world.

Much like the cars Ferrari builds, the sculpture exudes fine craftsmanship and luxury. The sculpture is handmade using the lost wax method and weighs 850 grams (1.87 pounds), measures 20 cm (7.9 inches) in height, and is manufactured out of 9.25 Silver (sterling). Available on the Ferrari online store, it is priced at $6,827 and limited to 99 pieces. It will come packaged in an elegant red box and mounted on a plexiglass base with an etched and numbered label guaranteeing the model’s exclusivity.



[Available at Ferrari-Store]

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