Fillico Beverley Hills Spring Water costs $100 for 750ml…No kidding!

People can come up with a lot of crap and sometimes ‘costly crap’. This is one really good example of costly crap. Read on to know more as this will really astonish you. Of everything else available in this world full of luxuries, a company called Fillico Beverley Hills is actually selling nothing else but a bottle of spring water for a staggering $100. The bottle is called Fillico Beverley Hills and contains water from a natural spring at the foot of Mount Rokko in Kobe, Japan. Each bottle contains 750 ml of the precious liquid. Only 5000 bottles are produced every month and that is the good part that they didn’t go overboard with the production as it takes an enormous amount of energy and is responsible for a lot of greenhouse emissions.

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The cherry on the ‘costly crap cake’ is the limited edition of Fillico Beverley Hills. They are aptly called the King and Queen versions and cost about 230$ each. Their caps are more like crowns of royalty and are decorated with Swavorski crystals. I wish Luxury and logic would go hand in hand.

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