Finally, the neglected toothpaste gets a makeover as Kendall Jenner & Heron Preston debut one in orange

Our world is a little ball of evolution; everything advances all the time! Skincare and wellness have metamorphosed into a positively booming industry in recent years. Throughout history, smooth, supple skin has been prized, and the process is hearkened with obedience, but what about dental hygiene? Not much has changed over the many decades except maybe the fancy packaging that comes our way like the Supreme x Colgate collaboration that gave us the world’s most expensive toothpaste. Nevertheless, an unexpected and effervescent twist to the oral care game has taken place- Heron Preston and Kendall Jenner is releasing sunset-hued toothpaste in collaboration with Moon. This stain removal fluoride-free whitening paste comes in Preston’s signature orange color and will be exclusively available on StockX, marking its debut into the personal care/beauty realm. I don’t know about you, but I, for one, can’t wait to ditch the white and embrace the orange. Also, the timing couldn’t be better; with Halloween around the corner, we could slap on some orange paste and smile with our Jack-o-lanterns, a perfect photo-op id say! Tom Woodger, StockX’s vice president of cultural marketing, added, “This DropX release marks our first foray into the personal care and beauty space, and we’re excited to be able to support creatives like Heron Preston and the forces behind Moon — Shaun Neff and Kendall Jenner. To this day, taking care of my teeth is a top priority, and I think my mom will be psyched when she finds out that I have my own orange toothpaste now! I’m excited to partner with Kendall, Moon, and StockX for this special drop and can’t wait to see everyone’s orange smiles!”

The orange Heron Preston x Moon toothpaste will be limited to just 350 units and will be available from October 27 at 5 pm BST until November 3, 1 am BST, or until it sells out. Pricing will start at $15. Keep in mind, the orange moon will not rise again once sold out!

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[Available at StockX]

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