From Audi to McDonalds here is how iconic brands are promoting social distancing by recreating their logos

Understanding the importance of social distancing has been crucial for our peaceful, disease-free existence. Brands known around the world are now joining in singing the songs of self-quarantine and social distancing. They are doing so by changing the very core of their own existence- their logos. Some of the world’s biggest brands like McDonalds’, Audi, Coca Cola, etc are temporarily reinventing their logos in a bid to encourage consumers to practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. Some professionals might term this as a masterstroke to gain attention and put the brand in a positive light as it shows humanity and empathy. But at the end of the day, these messages are well-meaning and do throw light at a very important message. Let’s see how these brands have cleverly incorporated the message of social distancing in their logos-

This logo was invented way back in 1961 and for the first time in history, McDonalds’ Brazil has made a point by separating its logo letter M.

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Coca Cola:
Should we follow suit and write c o c a c o l a? A very cleverly handled message on the massive billboard at Times Square. Couldn’t agree more with them when they say, “staying apart is the best way to stay connected”.

After years of togetherness, Volkswagen has emphasized and thanked its consumers for social distancing by distancing its ‘V’ and ‘W’.

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Nike has played it smart with its new ad that reads,” If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance”. We get the joke Nike; well played!

Audi is joining the movement and has tweaked its logos for their social media accounts. The four rings are now apart, much like how we should all be in real life.

[Via: CNN]

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