From crashing a helicopter on a megayacht to breaking the bottle of an ultra-rare wine – Take a look at some bizarre and really expensive crashes that will even make a millionaire cringe

When you buy an expensive phone, camera, gizmo or luxury handbag a part of you is prepared for it to break/tear/ or simply get lost someday. However the same can’t be said for those who buy and invest in ultra-expensive toys like superyachts, helicopters, supercars, luxurious wine etc. that loss hits hard and apparently many a Richie Richs’ have had their heart crushed as their big boy toys crashed and burned. We have listed below some of the most heart wrenching and expensive crashes that are so unfortunate they made us weep; can’t imagine what it did to the owners. Let’s take a look at how catastrophe strikes the ultra-rich:

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70M yacht capsized in Greece
What was actually an attempt to fix the 70m Nourah of Riyad a Turkish-built superyacht turned into the very reason for its destruction when it was lifted for anti-fouling works? Nourah of Riyad was being lifted out of the water for anti-fouling work; instead it listed around 45-degrees and subsequently submerged. It was originally priced at $80,000,000.

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NOAA satellite’s failure to launch
Funny that the people who are accomplished enough to make a satellite can be stupid enough to miss checking if all 24 screws holding the structure together are in place or not! As the team was turning the satellite into a horizontal position, the spacecraft priced at $290 million fell on the floor causing significant damage.

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Superyacht Aloha bids adieu at millionaire’s favorite Greek island of Mykonos
This beautiful 106ft superyacht ironically named Aloha, sunk off the coast of the idyllic Greek island of Mykonos when it ran aground on a reef at dawn. Watching this $11.2 million beauty go down would have made an oligarch weep tears the size of an ocean!

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Hard luck on the high sea
The 1985-built, 3651 DWT dry bulk carrier M/V Gulf Rio, started drifting after two of its anchors broke free due to strong winds and high seas. The owners Pacific Shipping Group, suffered huge losses and also hefty loads of soybeans.

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When you lose your helicopter and yacht in one go
If you think you are having a bad year thanks to the pandemic imagine the despair of the millionaire whose ultra-expensive helicopter fell over on his even more expensive yacht. That must be super devastating even for a millionaire.

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A very expensive bottle of wine
Chateau Mouton Rothschild is one of the First Growth wines of Bordeaux in southwest France making it one of the most exclusive selections in the world with a bottle selling for anything from $14,000 to $20,000. If you feel bad about never getting a chance to have even a sip, stay happy knowing you are not responsible for shattering a 16,000$ bottle of Victory in Europe, 1945 Château Mouton Rothschild.

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When Porsche is pitted against train; Train wins
Trains and Porches just don’t mix and we know that as not one or two but a full train of brand new Porsche 911s got rear-ended by another freight train. It’s time the supercars stuck to highways and stayed away from trains as the image of these gorgeous vintage Porches strewn all over the tracks is enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

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