From sanitizing bubbles to seaweed capsules, here are some of the ways we may sanitize in the future

Bompas & Parr is a globally recognized studio that works in multi-sensory experience design. Looking at our current perils, British design studio Bompass & Parr in collaboration with London’s Design Museum and the British Red Cross launched a competition called Fountain of Hygiene. The competition has chosen the most effective and out-of-the-box ideas that replace standard hand sanitizing pumps, and hand washing rituals with quirky, avant-garde ideas that change the game completely. Why use a standard sanitizer when the winners of ‘Fountain of Hygiene’ competition are offering you everything from disinfecting doorbells, air cleansing bubbles machines and spongy door handles? Intrigued? Read about our top picks below-

3. Squishy door handles by Bo Willis:
I loved this one! We can’t imagine living our lives without sanitizers anymore and we probably touch door handles more than we touch anything else (phones maybe?). A hand sanitizing sponge cover for doors handles seems like a solution I am willing to live with. The handle sanitizer by Bo Willis works as you grip it, pumping out the sanitizing liquid to the door handle that you can then rub onto the other hand.

2. Centerpiece by Conrad Haddaway, Twomuch Studio & Inga Ziemele:
The fact is, your phone is covered in germs: 25,127 bacteria per square inch, to be precise making it one of the dirtiest things to be in contact with on a daily basis. Our phones are an extension of our hand now and its of utmost importance to keep it clean. The device called centrepiece by Conrad Haddaway, Twomuch Studio & Inga Ziemele is a mealtime phone-sanitizing centerpiece featuring sterilizing UV light skills.

1.The Cleanies by Kate Strudwick Amos Oyedeji Alexander Facey & Nicole Stjernsward:
Keeping kids safe these days is paramount! How do you educate them to take care of themselves? Make cleanliness and sanitization fun. With cleanies, you can simply paint your hands clean. The sanitizer is made of natural PH positive pigments like red cabbage that changes color as you rub it into your hands. It is a playful bottle of hand sanitizer topped with a brush applicator.

[Via: ArchiPanic]

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