GoldenPutter pink version for Women golfers

Wherever there a thought on making a something for women, it is always pink. The thought is so monotonous that I have lost the idea of an organizations process of thinking out of the box. Well here’s one more in the row, the custom-built Putter comes with a 24ct (5µm coating thickness) hard gold-plated shaft and a head with crystal inlays (basic pink, every color is possible). The luxurious putter combines fine craftsmanship and technical perfection. Besides the gold and crystals make the putter features leather grip in pink (also available in vast colour palette). The company also offers several possibilities to further personalize your GoldenPutter, with even more exclusive materials, and customized luxury details such as gems, diamonds or gold applications to make you as the most stylish player on the green. The best part is each putter comes with certificate of authenticity.

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GoldenPutter can be yours for $3,900.