Tag Heuer’s new smartwatch will change the face of your next golf game

It’s time to resume passions; it’s time to resume playing golf. And if you’re up for it, then make the most of your time playing your favorite sport wearing Tag Heuer’s newest smartwatch that was made to help you improve your golf game. If you’re wondering where you have seen this before, in 2019, Tag Heuer created the Golf app and the first edition of its Connected Golf watch. TAG Heuer has now unveiled the third generation of its ‘Connected watch’ which has all the bearings of a high-end sporty watch. The lightweight DLC blackened titanium case to a matte black ceramic bezel and quick-change rubber straps all contribute to making this one eye-catcher. it’s big on the wrist no doubt with a 45mm diameter however subtle changes to the case in this new generation make as easy to wear as a 40mm watch. We love how this complements the new-age digital experience. The high-tech touchscreen dial is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and offers a selection of five mechanical- or digital-style watch faces. Apps such as Google assistant and Google pay, as well as a heart-monitor, GPS, and compass, are also seamlessly combined into the watch interface. But what makes this so special as a golf watch? The watch has been purposefully engineered to help refine the player’s strategy, improve their accuracy, and remove the guesswork so they can focus on enjoying the game. As opposed to its predecessors, this version comes loaded with 2D interactive maps of a staggering 39,000 golf courses worldwide.

As you play round one of those courses, the watch keeps track of your position via GPS, records the distance of last shot, calculates your distance to the pin, and displays your progress round the links and even your scores on a bezel uniquely marked 1 to 18. The watch in reality is great for anyone with a penchant for sports and outdoors as with the TAG Heuer Sports application, one can keep track of running, cycling, walking, and fitness sessions. The Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition retails for $2,550 at Tag Heuer boutiques and tagheuer.com

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[Via: Esquire]

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