Tag Heuer creates special edition Golf Connected smartwatch

For all the golfers out there who require something a bit more special when it comes to the watch you wear, TAG Heuer has finally delivered what could be the perfect timepiece. A special edition in its line of Connected Modular smartwatches, this particular model is apparently packed with useful features that only golfers would enjoy.


  • 45mm diameter, 13.75mm thick
  • 1.39-inch wide display
  • 50 meters water resistance
  • Sandblasted titanium case material
  • Sapphire lens
  • Intel Atom processor
  • 25 hour battery life
  • Choice of leather strap or rubber strap
  • 4GB storage
  • 512MB memory
  • 400 x 400 pixels resolution
  • Price is $1,850

The smartwatch runs like every other Connected Modular and is pretty enough, yet the main difference is simply a special golf app that comes pre-installed on the device. The app can be downloaded on any pre-existing Connected Modular smartwatch, but the caveat is that this version has a different look and has ‘Golf Edition’ displayed on the watch bezel. Tag Heuer certainly likes to experiment with its design, and while it’s not as prestigious as the Aston Martin collaboration, it could certainly be popular among the golfing community.

If you consider the fact that the app is available for smartphones, too, it’s a fair statement to make that the special edition Tag Heuer is a bit pointless. However, it depends on how much you like getting out your phone from your pocket. The watch is certainly more convenient and lets you concentrate on the sport itself, so $1,850 doesn’t seem so bad if you plan on using the watch a lot while you play. The Connected Modular is coming down in price all the time online, so it may be possible to wait if you think that’s too much to pay.

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So, what can the app actually do for golfers? Containing 3D renderings of over 39,000 golf courses across the world, the app uses built-in GPS to help golfers track their shots, the distance to the green, and point out any hazards such as bunkers, water, trees, etc. It will even assist you in choosing the correct club, so it’s a digital caddy of sorts! As well, it’s possible to update your scorecard via the watch while you play. When you’ve finished, you’ll be given a handy list of stats that might help you out for your next course.

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As there are many useful golf gadgets, the smartwatch from Tag Heuer might have to contend with a lot of other products that can do similar things. However, not all look as good as the Connected Modular.

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