Tag Heuer’s newest limited edition watch features unique dial material made from by-product out of Ford factories

Creating automotive-inspired timepieces has been a very popular theme in the world of horology for ages. However, the latest limited edition motoring-inspired watch by TAG Heuer has taken a completely unique approach, which has resulted in something that can be best described as art. Bamford Watch Department, the world’s only authorized customization partner for TAG Heuer, collaborated with Black Badger (aka James Thompson), the famous designer who specializes in using unusual materials, to create a 10-piece limited edition TAG Heuer. Called the Bamford X Black Badger “Fordite” TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5, the watch features a dial made of “Fordite” – an accidental bi-product of painting cars that produces stunning color patterns.

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Fordite is made from the layers of paints that build up over many years in the old fashioned industrial bays of carmakers. Artist Black Badger, amongst others, found the material very interesting and has used it to create things like jewelry. The Fortitude used for the collaborative TAG Heuer pieces come from the Ford factories in Michigan, USA, from the 1970-1990s era. “What I really find fascinating about working with the Fordite material is that it is very close to actually being able to create 4D art,” said Black Badger. “As well as the normal 3D aspects, you are actually incorporating time as an additional element. You are quite literally moving through layers of time, of human endeavour. Each layer you uncover represents someone painting a car, and then that car went out somewhere into the world. It’s a very fun concept to have kicking around in the back of your head.”

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The limited-edition timepiece is based on the 41mm TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber 5 model which is powered by the Sellita SW-220-1 automatic movement. Each of the 10 pieces are unique to each other and the customers can choose the exact dial pattern they like. Sold through the Bamford website, the Bamford X Black Badger “Fordite” TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber 5 can be yours for $6,740.


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