Chanel’s holiday edition of L’Eau comes in a beautiful cut crystal bottle

Chanel is offering their No. 5 l’Eau fragrance in a special edition bottle this festive season. This light and airy update of the classic No. 5 fragrance will be repackaged in a limited edition crystal bottle that will only be available by reservation. It will be available from November 4 onwards.

This edition is definitely a far cry from the usual tiny special edition sizes given that the crystal bottle will have a 900 ml capacity. This spectacular bottle will be cut like a diamond and even sealed with a special skin to preserve the fragrance. The shape of the bottle will be the same clean angular lines of the regular bottle complete with a clear, faceted cap. The bottle will be presented in a lambskin box.

Supposedly only 15 of these mammoth perfume bottles will be available for purchase and even this small number will not be available at retail stores. To own one of these numbered collectible bottles, you’ll have to contact Chanel directly to reserve one for yourself. The edition is fittingly priced at €8,500 which is about $9,247 at current exchange.


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