Pentax’s Camera of the Year 645D DSLR gets a laquered makeover

If you are a photography enthusiast and are looking for a camera to blow your mind away, you need to act fast and be patient. If you are willing to wait for four months, then the limited edition Camera Grand Prix Japan 2011 “Camera of the Year” from Pentax can be yours to keep. A limited-edition medium-format lacquer-finished 645D DSLR, a 40-megapixel camera is up for grabs. The made-to-made-to-order kit features a 645D Japan O-ST123 leather strap, a body mount cap, and a center-spot-matte focusing screen ds-80, all packed neatly in a customized paulownia-wood box.

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The camera boasts of stunning features like a large CCD sensor, and a dust-proof, weather-resistant body which can work in even in temperatures as low as –10°C. You can pre-order a camera for yourself here.

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