GPA Luxury introduces Eco-Logic: a range of remarkably sustainable luxury packages

The luxury sector has been among the first to unconditionally accept sustainable means of production. The values, inspiration, and operations of several high-end brands are walking the walk when it comes to consciously-sourced and consciously-created products. In recent years, materials that are less damaging to our ecosystems have steadily increased in both aesthetic appeal and functionality. It’s now easier than ever to craft an eco-friendly pack with comparable utility to a traditional pack that offers a clearer conscience for the end user.

GPA Luxury is a manufacturer leading the eco-friendly charge within the luxury market, using a combination of scientific innovations, consumer buying habits, and up-to-the-minute packaging trends. They specialise in luxury goods and spirits, two sectors in which meeting the discerning tastes of consumers is a top priority.

What’s Eco-Logic?
GPA’s latest selection of products includes a range of biodegradable luxury pack styles, released under the banner “Eco-Logic”. There are three distinctively styled, high-utility pack styles that offer versatility with great visuals. Every product under the selection has been designed and constructed using sustainable materials while leveraging the latest innovations to make this dream a reality.
“Customer demand for more sustainable packaging is driving rapid innovation in materials and manufacturing techniques. In developing our Eco-Logic selection, we have embraced these developments, working with suppliers to select components which will anticipate and deliver against these demands,” says Anthony Dowler, President at GPA Luxury.

Made responsibly from responsible materials
The attention to detail in these packs is inspiring, with every tiny detail in the range adhering to the brand’s philosophy. From the inks, foils, and varnishes to the moulded pulp and FSC-certified paper and card, everything has been meticulously selected to match customer expectations of recyclable and sustainable products.

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Even the inks used in achieving the striking designs were chosen wisely. Soy inks have been used to print the designs, while the fantastic finishing is achieved with biodegradable aluminium transfer paper, spot UV, and – in the case of the Peacock pack – a distinctive coating of deep blue suede-like material, which is made from fully biodegradable recycled cotton flock.

GPA uses a wet-press technique to manufacture its moulded pulp, achieving a superior finish comparable to thermoformed plastic. The finished result is a range of luxury, visually compelling packs that remain completely bio-degradable.

Butterfly – A floral cosmetic box
GPA’s Butterfly container is made by applying wet pulp to heating moulds, followed by pressing and drying so as to achieve a smooth finish that’s nothing short of a tangible delight. It requires one to hold it, to truly appreciate how something so fine can be completely compostable.

The embellished pink and gold floral design on the outside makes the package look elegantly classy, without excess. A gold foil piping lines the edges of the lid and beautiful spot UV butterflies flutter across the packaging. All the inks used in the creation of the Butterfly box are soy-based, which are environmentally friendly, as are the water-based white glue and foils. And all of this is only the outside of the package.

Once you open the lid, you discover a convenient arrangement of slots for all cosmetic products, and an aluminium transfer paper embellished with a butterfly design. Even this element is created sustainably without using polypropylene, which means it is completely biodegradable when discarded. Above the ensemble sits a gold card, holding it all together.

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Leaf – A classic take on a shoebox
Crafted with the wet-press moulded pulp method, soy inks, water-based white glue, and recyclable foils, the Leaf box is a throwback to classical shoebox designs, which are more intricate rather than sleek and minimalistic.

The FSC-certified paper that wraps the box is stylish and has slight embellishments with a gold foil, giving it a rich look. The base of the box is available in grey with a noticeable spot UV leaf pattern.

The Leaf pack format can be used to hold cosmetics or even larger items, thanks to its size and the several useful partitions within it. It is yet another GPA creation which proves that the future of cosmetics packaging can go hand in hand with pulp packaging.

Peacock – A standing box with a hinged door
Closer to the retro designs, Peacock is a box that is visibly different from its siblings. It has also been constructed using the wet-press moulded pulp technology but employs a hinged door that opens to reveal a trio of fitments.

The beautiful peacock design on the front is bold in both design and execution – it’s only when you touch the box that you realise it is coated with a delicate, deep-blue, suede-like material. The embossing on the material gives it a luxurious feel and touch – similar effects can be found inside the pack too.

GPA sourced this special material from Winter & Company. It’s called Suedel® Luxe Recycled and is a fully-biodegradable, created to counter the problem of material wastage caused by cotton production. Winter & Company collects, cleans, and processes cotton waste before applying it to the base of recycled paper. Ingenious!

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