Golden Bees will dazzle shoppers at Guerlain’s iconic Paris store

Guerlain’s Champs Elysées Avenue address is buzzing. With their emblematic bees! The brand is celebrating the 160th birthday of the Guerlain Bees and part of the celebration includes dressing up the iconic store with winged whimsy. We’re talking 65 meters long, 35 golden bees.

Architect Peter Marino has strategically stylized the 7 meters high hall skylight of the white marble atrium with the Gérard Cholot creations. The creatures are all stainless steel, with a wingspan of 65 cm each giving us the magnificent installation, “The Flight of the Bees”.

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According to its artist and scenograph who has already worked with Guerlain 6 years ago, their royal symbol had to be evoked with a scintillating simplicity, “being simple and spectacular, creating an emotion, providing with a memory.” This memory of the magnificent flight can be captured by everyone crossing the shop set on the beautiful avenue since 1914.

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