From haute cuisine to hospitality: Fauchon announces their first luxury hotel in Paris with the promise of more to come

Parisian confectioners Fauchon are best known for their delicious and beautifully crafted desserts and pastries. They have even launched designer eclairs in partnership with brands like Lacoste, Thierry Mugler and Givenchy. However, the famed patisserie is now moving in a new direction having revealed plans to launch a chain of 20 boutique hotels. In fact, the first of these will open its doors on the 1st of September this year at the Place de la Madeleine in the French capital. This 5-star 54 room hotel will be called Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris.

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Olivier Chauvin as President and CEO of Fauchon Hospitality explained, “The strategy is to establish a portfolio of FAUCHON L’Hôtel branded properties, with a goal of 20 hotels over the next decade. With FAUCHON’s legacy in all aspects of the culinary industry, it is a natural next step to open our own hotels. It has been essential for us to define a concept that truly sets us apart, so we are not just another hotel brand.”

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Guests at Fauchon hotels have an exceptional stay ahead of them. The hotel will focus on the gourmet aspect of the brand with features like the in-room Gourmet Bar- a high end twist on traditional hotel mini-bars – that will offer guests a selection of complimentary Fauchon products.

The brand plans to expand their hospitality into other locations across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

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