Holland and Holland launches stunning chess set in collaboration with The Dalmore

Holland and Holland have gained fame as makers of quality hunting gear and accessories, but the British brand is now exploring a different kind of game by collaborating with The Dalmore (a Scottish whisky maker) over a bespoke chess set. The chess set is available at luxury retailer British luxury retailer – Harrods.

The chess set draws inspiration from The Dalmore’s Constellation Collection – a range of vintages that were created at the brand’s Highland distillery between 1964 and 1992. Each vintage is housed in a crystal decanter presented inside a bespoke lacquered cabinet. Dalmore’s emblem a silver stag is engraved on each decanter. The chess set pays tribute to Dalmore’s collection and is presented along with two crystal tumblers bearing Dalmore’s signature stag.

holland-holland-dalmore-chess-set-2Both brands have partnered with Harrods in the past and hopefully this marks the firstof many more lifestyle ventures and collaborations for Holland and Holland. We’re not hunters ourselves but we’re definitely big fans of the brand’s apparel and accessories. With any luck we’ll be treated to more of their classical Brit style in collaborations to come.

As of now there is no word on the price of the chess set.

[Via – Luxury-Daily]

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