Inartistic scammer Anna Sorokin made a whopping $340,000 selling unimaginative, lackluster artwork

Via Instagram / @theannadelvey

Usually, the job of a con artist is to take. After serving three years in prison and then some more in ICE detention, Sorokin has taken an artistic detour. The fraudster is at the giving end with artwork that can be politely described as yawn-producing. Our opinions apart, the fake German heiress Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, still managed to rake in $340,000. “It’s pretty crazy,” said art dealer Chris Martine of the interest in Delvey’s artwork since she launched her career in May.

Via Instagram / @theannadelvey

“We’ve sold prints to 40 or 50 countries . . . It’s pretty amazing how her audience responds to anything she does.” “She has an intriguing style, but the more important thing is really the intangibles that she brings to the table, which is that people are just fascinated by her,” he told Artnews. Delvey did business from prison. Her originals are for $25,000, and prints are for $250 a pop. Some famous names in her clients’ list include “Saturday Night Live” star Chloe Fineman and San Francisco-based tech entrepreneur Casey Grooms. He bought a $15,000 20-by-16-inch acrylic on canvas painting, “Prowling in Prada,” featuring Sorokin in a black trenchcoat, pants, high-heels, scarf, and sunglasses from The House (Arrest) Collection. “She has a huge following, a very strong fan base,” Grooms told The Post.

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Her painting ‘Prowling in Prada’ was sold to a tech entrepreneur for $15,000

“So there’s a lot of potential there. For me, as a purchaser, you often have to wait a while for an artist to rise up. But that was kind of already baked into Anna’s name.” Anna created her artwork using prison pens and pencils, with her as the muse in most sporting much-loved brands like Chanel and Prada. Her strokes are not limited to the canvas but have tapped into NFTs titled “Reinventing Anna” while she was still behind bars. The NFTs showcase fashionista Delvey in various episodes from her life. The NFT sold for 0.08 ETH, or around $90, in June 2022. Sorokin’s real-life antics inspired the Netflix series Inventing Anna; her artwork, on the other hand, is anything but inspiring but will undoubtedly continue to sell.

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