LA Artist will turn hacked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton into an exhibition

What’re the chances that an LA exhibit showcasing hacked images of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton would be a roaring and might I add, eyeball popping success? My guess is as good as yours. While ‘Fear Google’ may actually explain the reality for most celebrities, for Los Angeles artist XVALA it is his latest claim to fame.

“We all become ‘users’ and in the end, we become ‘used.’” These words were issued to the public by Cory Allen, XVALA’s publicist. He has a point there, this XVALA but one he is going to try and make by printing a variety of private images onto life-sized canvases. His show called “No Delete,” set to open at Cory Allen Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg, Florida on October 30 is part of his “Fear Google” campaign. “XVALA appropriating celebrity compromised images and the overall ‘Fear Google’ campaign has helped strengthen the ongoing debate over privacy in the digital era,” Allen said. It will also include leaked images of Scarlett Johansson as well as photographs of Britney Spears with her head shaved from 2007. Next thing you know, hackers are asking for credit.

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[Via – Harpers-Bazaar]

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