Issimo unveils a novel version of Monopoly that is inspired by all things Italy

The holiday season is approaching, and what better time than now to play board games gleefully! And on this note, giving connoisseurs a chance to enjoy a new version of Monopoly is Issimo, the digital branch of the Pellicano Hotels Group. Together, Issimo and the makers of the iconic board game have co-created an edition inspired by Italy and its aesthetics. Each box on the board is assigned a location dedicated to either of the twenty Italian regions to comprise an imaginary sojourn through the peninsula.

For instance, the first box is the Lo Scoglio Restaurant in Amalfi, while Rome is represented by the Trattoria Da Enzo al 29, a famous restaurant in Trastevere. There are also references to the Argentario area, represented by the Hotel Il Pellicano and the historic Loretta Caponi embroidery boutique in Florence.

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The novel version comes in an ISSIMO branded box with a custom board and collectible map inside. The storytelling of the unexpected and probability cards is also based on the Italian theme and includes quotes, important personalities, and descriptions of cultural experiences and traditions.

Further, those interested can also go for real-life experiences aping the game with ‘Off board ISSIMO.’ The road trip includes four multi-day adventures in featured regions, including Lazio by exploring Roma, Tuscia and the Valle dei Calanchi, Emilia Romagna, and is custom made by Bellini Travels Italy’s travel specialist.

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The Italian Monopoly by ISSIMO will be available exclusively on the ISSIMO website and can be pre-ordered from the 15th of November.

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