Jeweled Golf ball and putter for the uber-rich golfers

Golf is considered to be a game for the rich-n-famous folks but didn’t realize the reality behind this belief till I came across this diamond-studded golf ball that is shaped from platinum. And to tee of this oo-la-la ball, you can use the platinum-studded putter too. I wonder if anyone will have the courage to take a shot with this highly luxurious golf set. To be precise, the 500g golf putter head (Platinum 900) is festooned up with 22.35 carat white and pink diamonds while the 165g Platinum 900 ball is also caked with a total of 25.13ct diamonds. I didn’t dare to request the price tag!

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If you are keen to have a look at them then go to Tokyo to see this lavish game set that will be displayed over the weekend.

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