Krug unveils an audio device for listening the sweet sound popping champagne bubbles

Champagne and the holiday season are almost synonymous with one another. But you know what else is becoming indistinguishable with the drink? Gift boxes! Latest case in festive point, Krug! Now I know that perked your ears up. And before that bubbly craving gets any more intense, lets learn why Krug’s may just be what could well be called an inspired set.

Now when it comes to the bubble-icious liquid, Moët & Chandon may have done their bit (read: installed champagne vending machine at Selfridges). But Krug’s is no ordinary creation. What Krug presents is an alcoholic leap of innovation, packaged in a stylish box set. The champagne house has launched Krug Sounds, a device that enables the drinker to listen to the exploding bubbles.

French designer, Ionna Vautrin modeled the champagne sound amplifier on seashells. Winner of the Wallpaper Design Award in 2011, the designer has crafted the poetic object in Limoges porcelain. It fits onto the glass rim and invites drinkers to put their ear to the glass and listen. The shell comes in a Vautrin designed box set alongside a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée and two Riedel crystal glasses from the “Joseph” collection.

I can only imagine the patiently aged Krug Grande Cuvée with its notes of butter, hazelnut, apricot and candied orange, and hints of pepper and citrus, swirling lusciously within his namesake glasses that honor founder Joseph Krug, each splash against crystal resounding through the porcelain shell. But if you’d like to do more than imagine, Krug Sounds Box is available for $300.

[Via – Krug]

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