Ladoga Imperial Collection Vodka fills up Fabergé-Style Eggs

It is usual to see Chateau wines and aged Scotch bottles to rake in a lot of money but we weren’t really expecting Vodka to get there. Landoga has unveiled a range of premium Vodka bottles which have been disguised inside Faberge inspired eggs. The eggs here have been crafted using enamel, crystals, and 24-carat gold gilding, and contain a decanter, four Venetian glasses, and a bottle of super premium vodka produced by Ladoga. Each of them is further topped by a golden eagle designed by a Florentine master jeweler. The vodka here is made from homegrown wheat and rye with a water base from Lake Ladoga, the largest freshwater lake in Europe.

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The Russian makers unveiled this last month and will see just about 100 eggs being sold each year. They are presently available at Browns boutique in London’s South Molton Street, with prices ranging from $4,000 for the colored enamel egg to $8,600 for the gold-and-silver egg.
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