Life-sized Stormtrooper replicas for your geeky abode

This one is going to give Barney Stinson six-foot tall competition. After raging carbon fiber suits and artistic Stormtrooper helmets comes the life-size stormtrooper action figure à la Stinson’s own replica. Created by Gentle Giant Studios from high-res digital scans of the original figure, this limited edition marvel in all its hand-painted glory also includes a matching certificate of authenticity.

George Lucas’ imperial fictional soldier just won’t stop being all the rage. The fully articulated Star Wars monument based on the original toy by Kenner comes complete with limb articulation and a plastic blaster made to scale. The six-foot tall action figure can be pre-ordered now for delivery in October 2014. For $2,300 apiece, it’s going to be legend-wait for it till next year-dary!

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[Available at Entertainment-Earth Via Msn]