Beats by Dre designers create $3,000 limited edition luxury surfboards

The Aquila powered surfboards we covered earlier today might hit a top speed of 44mph even without any help of natural waves but the idea of motor powered surfboards is a sacrilege for the surfing purists. So here’s one for the purists who’ll rather prefer to stick with traditional boards. Claimed to be the world’s most luxurious surfboards, these limited edition, hand-crafted collection of boards were developed by the design firm behind Beats by Dre and Square, Ammunition. Ammunition’s travel products startup, Octovo teamed up with surfboard builder Jason Tilley to design a collection of luxury surfboards and custom tailored carrying bags.

Designed and built to last a lifetime, the stylish surfboard line features five individual board shapes built using Tilley’s method of combining custom milled wooden skins and hand-shaped foam. Geared toward serious, design-minded surfers, the emphasis has been put on luxury so even the cheapest of these boards costs $3,000. The core of each board is made from a hand cut and shaped blank. The deck and bottom skins are custom milled from solid wood between 1/8″ and 1/16″ depending on wood species and board shape. Skins are then bonded to the blank, resulting in an unusually strong composite sandwich. Solid wood noses, tail blocks and rail are also added to prevent the damage that commonly plagues these areas. The resulting boards do not dent or pressure ding like conventional boards.

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