Limited Edition Amarone Bottega luxury wine ships in leather case

Before you confuse this Bottega with the luxury cousin of Gucci, let us tell you: this is Distilleria Bottega, the company famous for their luscious grapes and have been in the Guinness Book of World Record for their wines. So now, the experts at Bottega have taken a step further and teamed up with American designer Denise Focil to create a new, luxury wine called the Amarone Bottega, Il vino Prêt-á-porter.

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Amarone Bottega is a red wine created from a mixture of different vines, the most important being Veronese Corvina, of which 40-70% is present in the wine. The Rondinella grapes (20-40%) and the Molinara grapes (5-25%) are also essential. Described as a rich, full-bodied wine with a flowery bouquet with a slight hint of almonds and a noticeable touch of spice, the highlight of Amarone is the vintage suitcase-kind case it comes in. Encrusted with metal studs, the white leather case features a metal plaque with the ‘Alpinestars’ by Denise Focil’s logo engraved on it.
Now, if that isn’t that a ‘WOW’ concept for wine gifting?!

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