Can you stomach this pricey $2,600 Louis Vuitton floral burger box coaster set?

Louis Vuitton is visually delicious; there was no need for validation in the form of an LV Floral Burger Box Coaster Set. However, now that it is here, fashionistas can finally feed on something scrumptious without worrying about calories. An effective attention-grabber for any coffee table, this burger box comprises six practical, vibrant coasters representing tantalizing hamburger ingredients. There is a light brown coaster for the bread, a darker one for the patty, a green coaster representing lettuce, red as the tomato, yellow as the cheese, and onwards.

The $2,580 plush burger box features a pretty, floral design and is made of leather with beige microfiber. It includes a push-stud closure to feast your eyes on the indigestible delicacy with ease. Your stomach (and wallet) may be empty, but your heart will undoubtedly be full. You can purchase the pretty-looking, tasteless LV Floral Burger Box Coaster Set at Harrod’s for nearly $2,600.

While we are conferring burgers, one of the most expensive burgers in the world costs a whopping $6,000 and is made from Beluga caviar, saffron-infused gold-leafed buns, and is served with Dom Perignon battered onion rings. It was served at the Dutch diner De Daltons, Voorthuizen, a small town near Amsterdam.

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