Louis Vuitton’s limited edition Teddy Bear retails for $9000 at Toy Tokyo store in NYC

Seeking the perfect stocking stuffer for the fashionista that has it all? Look no further than Louis Vuitton’s DouDou teddy bear! Retailing at a staggering $9000, this teddy bear was first released to coincide with the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2004/05 menswear show. 500 ultra exclusive pieces were created and sent to Louis Vuitton VIPs worldwide. Now this extraordinary luxury gift is available at New York City’s well known Toy Tokyo Store, a place well known for making rare and one-of-a-kind toys available to connoisseurs. DouDou remains the only teddy bear ever created in Louis Vuitton’s 150 year history and this distinction coupled with its limited edition status explains the incredible price tag. Louis Vuitton fans will be scrambling to get their hands on this very special collector’s item which is made with soft LV monogrammed brown fabric and features a natural cowhide leather collar. The embossed tag on the collar announces: Edition Limitee #64 Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France. DouDou’s arms and legs are movable and he’s about 14inches (36 CM) tall when sitting and 18 inches (45.72cm) when standing.

The Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear makes the perfect gift for the special ones in your life! DouDou’s adorable face will definitely make this bear a favourite with anyone who finds it under their Christmas tree.




[Available at Toy-Tokyo]