Life-size moving R2D2 fridge that has an inbuilt projector is available for pre-order

With the latest installment of Star Wars around the corner there is no shortage of toys, accessories and collaborations. But like the BB-8 Droid there are some that literally hold the term true ‘Shut up, and take my money’. I am talking about this lifesized R2D2 fridge not only does it keep your beer cold, it actually comes to you to deliver the beer while beeping and flashing lights on its revolving head. If this was not enough it stays true to the real R2D2 and has an inbuilt projector. Yes, you head that correct once you pop open the can you can stream media from your Android or Windows phone (sorry Apple fanboys) which the bot will project in a 720p resolution.

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The stop sensor on the R2D2 Mini-fridge stops it from falling of steps and heights. The fridge needs an AC adapter to cool other than which the onboard battery has enough juice for your sidekick to move around for 2 hours at a speed of 1km/hr. Made by Haier it is a Japan exclusive and will be available in limited quantities for 998,000 Yen ($ 8250).
R2D2 robot 5

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R2D2 robot 6

R2D2 robot 2

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