Japan’s Wallpaper bicycle company releases the Kinfolk foldable bicycles

Although foldable bikes give the rider many benefits like saving on space and easy portability, their design and comfort made many do a rethink their choice. However, with the unveiling of the Kinfolk bikes, this common opinion is sure to change. Unlike the conventional foldable bikes, the Kinfolk foldable bicycle looks more like a traditional fixie bike, hinting at greater stability and comfort. What is more, it comes with a smart case into which it fits neatly when folded. However, the Kinfolk bike is available in two models- the International model and the City bike, an art concept. Assembled by hand in Osaka by a 71-year-old “master frame builder,” these bicycles are available from Japan’s Wallpaper bicycle company.

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Although art concepts, these bicycle models are available for sale, albeit for a hefty price. The International model will set you back by $3,815.66, while the City bike is a little lighter on the pockets with an asking price of $1,954.55.

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