Louis XV Special is the Rolls Royce of Harps

As far as classical and soothing musical instruments go, you can’t get much more traditional than the harp. The stringed instrument dates back to at least 3500 BC and gained particular popularity in Europe during the Renaissance and Middle Ages. Perhaps Lyon and Healy were inspired by this rich history when they created the Louis XV Special Concert Grand harp.

The instrument is superbly crafted, intricately carved, and clad in lavish 23+ karat gold leaf. Its elaborate the rococo style design (as seen in French King Louis XV’s time) incorporates leaves, flowers, scrolled feet, and shapes reminiscent of shells. The harp has the Lyon & Healy sound and carrying ability which makes it clear and resonant. It is also adorned with elaborate carving along its neck and knee block, as well as intricate carving along the soundboard edges, both on the sides and surface.

The Louis XV Special is available with a Maple or Bubinga veneer. An exquisite floral trellis design has been hand-painted on the soundboard using a 23+ karat gold leaf. The harp comes with a unique miniature etching of a Lyon & Healy concert grand action plate design on the inside of the soundboard, a richly engraved, previously retired front action plate as well as an engraved backplate, and a transport cover set.

It’s priced at $189,000 and comes with an extended 10-year limited warranty.

[Available at :Lyonhealy]

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