In a bizarre personal injury case, a Canadian artist is suing a London stolen moped rider for $46m in damages – He claims after being knocked down he could not paint an additional 14 masterpieces every year.

More confusing than modern art is this contemporary, money-making artist Manuel Mathieu. The successful 35-year-old Canadian is suing Briton Tony Hinds and insurers Aviva for a whopping $46 million over a moped accident in central London in 2015. The artist studied for a fine art master’s at Goldsmiths when he was knocked down while crossing a road outside the University of London college. Mr. Mathieu has since gone on to build a successful career with comparisons to Francis Bacon, and his work has been exhibited in the Perez Art Museum Miami and London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts. Still, the artist believes he suffered brain injuries and fears he could now be at risk of dementia in later life.

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The Montreal-based artist justifies the UK courts’ biggest ever personal injury claims, stating his injuries left him with chronic fatigue and headaches. Had it not been for the accident, the painter would’ve painted more quickly and would have made extra millions by creating an additional 14 paintings per year. At the risk of sounding prejudiced, the artist managed to do the math and calculated the extra number of paintings he could dish out annually; however, he does seem obtuse for demanding millions from a man who stole a moped only a few years ago. Yahoo News shared, “This is a gentleman who is doing very, very well, notwithstanding him having suffered a brain injury,” said Marcus Dignum QC, representing the insurer at the High Court.

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“The case is about someone who says ‘I can’t make art to the same extent that I would have been able to if I had not been injured in this way.” He continued, “He says as a consequence of that, ‘I am producing fewer works of art as I have to take frequent breaks. The claimant is well-known and has given a series of interviews and articles in which he referenced the accident and its formative effects on him.”

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The artist won’t simply walk away with these claims. He will also be questioned on the headaches he suffers, treatments taken for the problems, and the actual effect on his ability to work. Meanwhile, yet another artist has made a rather unusual claim; according to Artist Daan Roosegaarde, his artificial sun will clean the public space of the coronavirus.

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