Mercedes launches Gold and Silver credit cards

If you are an ardent Merc fan, and love shopping, then this will come as one bit of happy news for you. The automaker is out with two new Visa credit cards, in Gold and Silver classes. The cards offer assured help on the move in case of breakdowns and accidents anywhere across Europe and North Africa. The card will cover cost of repairs, and towing charges among other things. The Premium version, which is the MercedesCard Gold, will also help you get travel insurance. You can accumulate points to purchase fancy things such as such as tablet computers, watches and Mercedes-Benz Accessories. And earn some healthy discounts on Merc-purchases as well.

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As for pricing, the Mercedes Silver Card will cost you €29 ($38) per year, whereas the Mercedes Card Gold is worth €69 ($90) per year, with around 300,000 credit card customers in existence. You can use the card for six months without any charge before paying up the annual subscription fee.

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