Mercedes-Benz DESIGN Exterieur a book on the design philosophy of the three stared beauties

Car aficionados in conversation over their deep, valuable insight (pfft!) on car technology! Pause. I have news for you. The latest release from the luxury car company Mercedes-Benz is the ‘DESIGN Exterieur’ book! The 220-page Benz book published on the occasion of the new S-Class’s world premiere is already turning heads (much like the car) with its Red Dot Award for communication design 2013.

The first of its kind concerns itself with the current car design philosophy; the book takes the brand’s latest models to showcase what characterizes a Mercedes-Benz. While the new S-Class remains its focal point, the book delves into the brand’s twelve-decade-old “stylistic gene pool.” In a large chapter, its authors devote themselves to the history of Mercedes-Benz design, explaining how typical design elements continuously evolve, making icons of many automobiles. With its powerful illustration and imagery, including 3D pictures, this emotionally engaging book highlights the Benz vision for evolution, becoming the tell-all testimony of car design.

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The “Mercedes-Benz DESIGN Exterieur” book is available in the Mercedes-Benz Museum Shop or from ISS DEBEOS STUDIOS in German and English for approximately $130. Also out is the second edition of the “Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Registry” book. Available in several languages, the 492-page book is priced at $265. So, connoisseurs, park these Mercedes’ on those bookshelves!

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[Available Mercedes-Benz-Classic-Store 1 and 2 Via Daimler]

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