Montblanc pays an ode to the most iconic dame ‘Elizabeth Taylor’ with a limited edition pen

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is a name that rose to fame in the 1940s, and by the 1960s, she became the highest-paid movie star. Montblanc is paying homage to one of the most popular stars of classical Hollywood cinema. She proved her mettle as an actor par excellence with Cleopatra and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and her unwavering compassion for getting the world to recognize the AIDS pandemic. The new Montblanc Muses Elizabeth Taylor Special Edition is heavily inspired by the aesthetic of her time to come close if not match the diva’s beauty and talents.

Montblanc relies on a unique lacquering technique that encapsulates the cap and barrel with a dark-violet marbleised lacquer to tribute to Elizabeth Taylor’s stunning eyes and the star’s favorite color. Elizabeth Taylor was also a lover of all things precious which reflects in the unusually shaped ring clip. Her love for gemstones and diamonds was as well-known as her life’s many loves. The most spectacular piece of jewelry from her private jewelry collections features historic pieces, including the gigantic 33.19 carats Elizabeth Taylor Diamond (formerly known as the Krupp Diamond) ring, given to her by Richard Burton.

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The platinum-coated cone with its geometric engraving recalls a typical jewelry pattern of the 1950s, something that the great enchantress would’ve approved of. The fountain pen’s Au 585 solid gold rhodium-coated nib bears an engraving of the three words “LONG LIVE LOVE”, in remembrance of her moving speech at the GLAAD Media Awards in 2000, which ended with these words. The Montblanc Muses Elizabeth Taylor Special Edition stands as a symbol of entertainment, culture, fashion, and philanthropy. It will be available as a Fountain Pen, Rollerball Pen, and Ballpoint Pen.

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