Moscow is the Billionaire capital where most of world’s wealthiest reside

China may be one of the fastest growing countries for billionaires, but Russia is the new home for the affluent with riches to die for. Moscow has regained its title as the address for billionaires all over the world with 79 billionaires residents, as reported by At the top of the list is Novolipetsk Iron & Steel owner Vladimir Lisin with a fortune of $24 billion, followed by Aleksey Mordashov, director of Severstal director with $18.5 billion and ONEXIM group president Mikhail Prokhorov who rounds up the top three with $18 billion. Moscow alone boasts of seventy nine billionaires with more coming to stay here in the future.

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Last year the numbers were as low as 32 billionaires with another 62 in the making. Of the 300 European billionaires, a 100 along with 15 people from the world’s top 100 fortunes list call Russia home. The reason cited is the rise in the number of internet business men of the country.
The 13th youngest billionaire in the world, 35-year-old Nogotov is the founder of Svyaznoy Bank as well as the 2nd largest cell phone retailer Svyaznoy. At this rate, we can expect the census of billionaires to grow over two folds in the next year.
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