NBC’s TVEverywhere lets you stream the hottest shows on your favorite devices

‘Tis the season to catch up on all your favorite television shows! And that’s exactly what NBC’s new feature TVEverywhere lets you do. TVEverywhere is available as an app for your mobile devices allowing you to catch up on the best new NBC shows even when you’re away from home. Programs like the Voice, the Blacklist, Heroes Reborn, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med will all be at your fingertips. If you have no patience with small screen viewing then don’t fret, you can also watch the shows on your regular old computer through NBC’s website.

The Voice
Do we really need a reason to watch music superstars Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton coach amateur singers as their teams battle it out for the top spot? This season’s contestants are better than ever and every elimination leaves us guessing what will happen next!

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Chicago Fire
Edge-of-your-seat drama, stunning shots of the Windy City and engaging plots have us hooked onto this show which follows the lives of the firefighters, Rescue Squad and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51. And we’ll take any excuse to watch Jesse Spencer (whom we’ve loved since his House M.D. days) and Taylor Kinney (Lady Gaga’s fiancé and the man rumored to be considering a space wedding) as firemen.

The Blacklist
James Spader (of epic Boston Legal fame) as a criminal mastermind trying to take down baddies? Hell yes! This critically acclaimed show needs to be on your must watch list if only because James Spader owns every minute of this show, his sarcasm and dry sense of humor should probably get its own mention in the list of cast members.

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Whether you’re catching these shows on your diamond studded phone or your ultra-exclusive custom laptop, TVEverywhere needs to be at the top of your list of must download apps or most visited bookmarks. Trust us, your morning commute to work will be much better with some Adam Levine commentary in it.

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