Not your regular glossy – Take a look at the worlds most expensive subscription magazine that costs $450 for six issues

Are you a voracious reader? Then you must enjoy reading everything from novels, self-help, biographies, and even magazines. Ask an unacquainted person and he will say magazines are passé but are they? Certainly not! In a technology-driven world where kindle has replaced paperbacks and magazines, a large population still wants to experience the biblichor of old books and feel the crispness of a monthly magazine. It is factual that inclined readers are known to spend an incredible amount of money on print publications. While your typical magazine will set you back a couple of dollars, $5 or $7 at the most, the world’s most expensive magazine subscription is a whole new ball game. Speaking of the most expensive magazine subscription, Wilmott Magazine certainly qualifies for the esteemed title. It is a mathematical finance and risk management magazine, combining technical articles with humor pieces. To be specific, nearly $450 gets you six issues of eleven square inches of paper that include a section with technical articles on mathematical finance but also quantitative financial comic strips, and lighter articles. The magazine was launched in 1999 in London by publishers Wiley Publishing and editor in chief Paul Wilmott and flaunts motley of excellent contributors like Edward Thorp, Espen Gaarder Haug, Aaron Brown, William Ziemba, Nassim Taleb, and more.

The magazine’s target audience is people working with quantitative finance in hedge funds, investment banks, risk management, and professional investment management firms making it pretty evident it’s a rich magazine for very rich people who wouldn’t bat an eyelid for spending exactly $444 a year on six issues of Wilmott magazine’s eleven square inches of paper. Would you subscribe to a magazine as expensive as Wilmott, even if it served a purpose?

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