Perched high up on the 52nd floor- Could this be the most unique bookstore in the world? (Pics)

Imagine having a sacred space right in the middle of a bustling city where you can douse yourself in some reading time while enjoying a cup of piping hot tea! Well, providing you a chance to do just that is Duoyun Books with its all-new flagships store in Shanghai. Situated on the 52nd floor of the city’s tallest building- the Shanghai Tower, the experimental place is a heaven of sorts for cultural and literature enthusiasts in the city.

Christened as ‘Beyond the cloud’s, the store covers a huge area of 24,315.67 ft2 (2259 m2), that is fit to accommodate over 60,000 books. More than just a book shop, the exclusive space designed by Wutopia Lab includes a variety of functions such as a bookstore, a lecture room, an exhibition space and a café all at one place.

Once inside, book enthusiasts are welcomed with translucent bookshelves stacked in layers, or what the design team describe as a ‘white abstract mountain’. Opening with a curved entrance, the space provides a cozy yet light up area with large windows offering impressive views of the city vistas.

The store also consists of a black study room for serious readers wherein a movable bookshelf is used as a partition to separate different areas of the room thus providing the much-needed solace to those seeking it.

Additionally, the space offers a multi-purpose area for exhibitions or talks as well as a two cafes – the ‘tiffany-blue’ and the pink dessert house wherein guests can enjoy a cup of coffee with their favorite book for company. Well, a book store never looked any better!


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