Perfect for the Kardashians – Dumbbells studded with real diamonds

Rare ruthenium coated, diamond studded, customised, dumbbells made in Germany, and sold in cases made of walnut wood. Any takers? Well, I didn’t so. But it looks totally rad, and you needn’t really work out with it, just keep it in your vicinity wherever you go and get all the undue attention you want. Ah, I thought so.

Diamond dumbells (1)
So the deal is this : Vizoury dumbbells are meant for class, and not comfort. It is a futuristic designer’s dream muse, but a utilitarian’s garbage (although, I would pluck out the 700 odd diamonds which were set by hand before dumping it). It comes in different sizes 2kg to 20kg. It can be customised to look, feel and weight to your taste. This is like a score keeper at a unisex gym. Just imagine all the girls swooning over you! And of course it won’t be fore those diamonds, poof! Definitely for your muscles.
Diamond dumbells (3)

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