To the owner’s horror, his pet parrot was so attracted by the shiny stones in the family jewelry box that he swallowed 21 diamonds for breakfast.

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All that glitters is not food, little parrot! Sun parakeet Frosty turned into a classic case of ‘bird brain’ (pun intended) after raiding its owner’s jewelry box and plucking the stones from a stunning diamond-encrusted necklace. Sure, diamonds are super-attractive; we humans can barely resist them, but we don’t eat what is dubbed the hardest material on the planet. Unfortunately, this pretty little eight-month pet Frosty from Bangkok, Thailand, didn’t know better and ended up creating both national and international news after ingesting 21 diamonds.

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These small diamonds of 0.2-carat size set on a necklace belonging to its mistress, and Frosty decided to hoover them up for breakfast. By afternoon, the eight-month-old lost its appetite and was taken to a veterinary hospital in Bangkok. The Animal Space Hospital decided to take an x-ray of the bird, and that’s when they discovered that there were diamonds in its stomach. The bird was rushed for emergency surgery which took over an hour.

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Dr. Kuntita Paveenasakorn, from the hospital, said, ‘This kind of bird is attracted to things that glitter. We see this kind of situation a lot, but this case was strange because the parrot ate lots of valuable diamonds. The tiny things inside his stomach were sharp, which caused the parrot to have stomach aches. They could have wounded its organs if the owner did not bring the bird to us.’

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Fortunately, Frosty is fine and diamond-free and will be discharged soon. The mistress got her diamonds and the crown jewel of her life too. All is well that ends well.

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