Diamond In A Pearl – Carving the beauty!

Do you believe in love at first sight? If you do then good for you and if you don’t then you most certainly will after you have a glance at the very gorgeous Tahitian pearl which has a diamond not around it or above it or below it; the diamond is right inside this skilfully carved pearl. Chi Huynh, a gem and jewelry artist of Galatea: Jewelry by Artist in San Dimas, California has found a way to put faceted diamonds inside cultured pearls. The genius in Chi Huynh wanted to put gemstone beads inside Tahitian black lipped oysters so that he could carve the pearls revealing the precious center. It’s just like unfolding a present only to be amazed by what’s in it!

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The necklace shown here is a 10-10.5mm pearl with a .20 carat diamond and sells for $1,825 which is like peanuts for you are not only getting a pretty piece to flaunt its got the backing of a very good thinking too.