An ad agency in London ‘run by Russians’ offered thousands of dollars to scores of top European social media influencers to smear the Pfizer vaccine and post negatively on the Covod jab.

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To jab or not to jab? For many, this isn’t a question; it’s simply what has to be done. However, there are agencies that are trying to promote anti-vaccine sentiment via European Influencers. News is that a fake London ad agency with apparent ties to Russia is spreading lies about the dangers posed by the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. European influencers were told to publish links on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok to leak reports containing data that supposedly shows how the Covid vaccine is causing hundreds of deaths.

Via Instagram / @missalexpike

French YouTuber Léo Grasset (.1 million subscribers on YouTube) was among those contacted. He said he was offered a potentially lucrative but also hush-hush deal to make bogus claims that Pfizer’s vaccine poses a deadly risk which he obviously refused. The person who contacted Grasset said he works for an advertising agency called Fazze. A website for Fazze used to give a London address, but that had been scrubbed from the site on Tuesday. “We creators on YouTube, on internet, Instagram, et cetera, we are at the center of something going on like an information war,’ Grasset said. “We, as creators, need to set our standards really high because it’s, I think, just the beginning.”

Via Instagram / @missalexpike

Grasset shared the email exchanges with The Associated Press. The smear effort drew a withering response from French Health Minister Olivier Veran.

‘It’s pathetic, it’s dangerous, it’s irresponsible, and it doesn’t work,’ he said. Other influencers were reportedly offered as much as $2,450 to publish similar posts. A trainee doctor in southern France with a substantial following was also approached for the smear effort and was offered more than 2,000 euros ($3,000) for a 30-second video post.

After beholding the wrath of the pandemic, it’s shocking that the world still has people with fervor for such wrongdoing. While the anti-vaccine sentiment ranks highest in France, a full 34 percent of the population is now vaccinated, and Pfizer is the most common vaccine used.

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