Re-engineered Martin personal jetpack is set to go on sale by mid 2014

Turning science fiction into reality, New Zealand bases company “Martin Aircraft,” which a couple of years back awed the world with its personal jetpack, has finally perfected the crude design to come up with a production version of its jetpack. Though a little big and noisier than what people would like it to be, nevertheless a beautiful innovation in itself, the latest prototype named P12 is faster, can fly higher, has a better range, and looks more soothing to the eyes. The company announced the latest prototype is the closest to the production version, and people will be able to buy one of these as soon as 2014.

It is powered by a tine 2.0-liter gasoline engine that weighs only 60 kg (132 lbs) and puts out 200 hp. The ducted fans provide extra stability, and this jetpack can take off with a load of 330 kg (725 lbs) and attain an altitude of 3000 ft (900 m). It can reach a maximum speed of 46 mph and has a range of 20 miles. The company got clearance from New Zealand’s aviation authority to test the jetpack putting it into the microlight category.

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Martin has already started accepting inquiries and pre-orders and hopes to sell its Jetpack for $100,000 (plus shipping, duties, and taxes) in the US. The initial price is expected to be a little more and in the range of $150-200K.

[Via – Martinjetpack and Gizmodo]

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