Not for a selfie or an autograph, but an exceedingly rich fan gifted former Liverpool star Fabinho a Rolex on his Saudi pro league debut. Shockingly the 29-year-old immediately dropped the watch on the floor.

It is a fan’s delight to get a picture or an autograph from a star. However, tables turned and how for ex-Liverpool star Fabinho at his impressive debut for Saudi Pro League outfit Al-Ittihad on Monday night. The 29-year-old sailed his team to a 3-0 victory which impressed a fan so much he presented the midfielder with a Rolex. This move was rather unexpected and out of the blue, which explains why the ecstatic Brazilian, with a beaming smile on his face, dropped the watch on the floor as he walked off.

In most cases, a person would faint on being gifted the sought-after and expensive timepiece. The ex-Reds star moved to the Gulf States and joined Al-Ittihad on a $51 million deal. While he is making a cool $900,000 a week in wages, this unheard-of generosity indeed made the move worthwhile. The sportsman thanked the Saudi fan, “Thank you very much,” and shook the hand of the supporter.

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Via Instagram / @fabinho

Video is this bizarre exchange is going viral on social media, and it’s leaving people stunned. There are several heart-stopping moments, from the choice of gift to immediately dropping it on the ground. One said: “That was painfully awkward to watch.” Another added in disbelief, “This is crazy, man.” And a third responded to Fabinho dropping his Rolex, “This is embarrassing.”

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