In a bizarre stunt for likes – A Russian Instagrammer drove around Moscow in a Bentley with his girlfriend tied to the roof and handcuffed to him. He was fined a mere $7 for dangerous driving.

If I didn’t like my girlfriend or boyfriend, I would indeed mete out the treatment Russian influencer Sergey Kosenk gave his partner in the name of a ‘trust test.’ What was she supposed to ‘trust’ you with, Mr. influencer? Dangling her like a lamb for a dozen likes? Or setting a bizarre example of how one should be driving with their overzealous lover? Were the handcuffs enough to save her if she did happen to fall off? Sergey Kosenko shared a video on his Instagram handle of him driving through Moscow in a Bentley with his other half tied up on the roof.

The couple was tied up with a pair of handcuffs, making the driving bit harder, unsafer, and only added to the binding discomfort the woman must be feeling up there. And you thought this Polish influencer selling her love as an NFT to a mystery bidder for $250,000 was berzerk? This man has defeated a fellow Russian vlogger named Mikhail Litvin for exhibiting irrational behavior for the sake of Instagram attention. Mikhail Litvin is the man who burned his $270,000 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S supercar to a crisp as he was frustrated with constant breakdowns and poor customer service.

Via Instagram / @sergey_kosenko

Coming back to the man of the moment, Sergey, who has five million followers, got away with this absurd stunt for a fine of just 750 rubles ($10). Evidently, the $7 penalty made no difference to the man as he later took to Instagram and made light of this in a sarcastic post. He said: “I apologize. Ilona also apologizes. It’s a shame to lose RUB 750.” The post was received as nothing but a desperate plea for attention by Netizens.

Sergey is known for his outrageous and dangerous stunts.
One person said: “I don’t see what’s funny about it, to be honest, and yet everyone is laughing. This is the example you set to children, most of all your own?” Another commented: “No guys, this is not cool or fun. You set an example in any situation, and the kids see it and start copying, and it may end up differently.”

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