Saudi Princess seeks mildly-qualified, super-efficient fashionista PA – Salary $140k

So much for scoffing at all those ghastly fashion videos on Instagram. Had I been an avid follower of these bloggers, I could have applied for this post, and had a chance to draw an annual salary of $140,000. A Saudi princess has placed an ad looking for a personal assistant with “an eye for fashion”. She will also have to be based in Washington DC, and be aware of the best restaurants and locations around the city. So, technically, someone who is well-versed and articulate with Google could also do.

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Or not. The person should also speak, read and write Arabic, be able to juggle multiple tasks plan events, schedule the princess’ activities, make her travel arrangements and also go shopping with her. Sigh. This ad was tweeted by Saudi’s “Julian Assange” Mujtahid Bin Hareth Bin Hammaam, (@Mujtahidd) – also “infamous in the country for tweeting information about the country’s ruling royal elite”.

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Can you imagine the number of applicants for this role? Maybe this is a huge prank, even if it was put up on Career Builder. The PA must also have a bachelor’s degree and have two years of experience as a personal or executive assistant to a family. The plot thickens.

[ Via : Newsweek ]

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